Why Arousal + Connection = More Money In Your Bank Account

1/2 fulfilled in your love life? Most likely you’re at 1/2 potential with money too, since it's all connected (afterall how we do 1 thing is how we do everything)...

....So more arousal + connection = more money

Imagine this.... You’ve got the influence, the money, the lifestyle... on the outside your life is a dream!

But inside things aren’t always as they seem....

Catch this though, if you created this much success and influence while crying yourself to sleep at night and worrying about how lonely and misunderstood you feel...

WTH would happen if at night you were totally in love, stimulated and racing with passion?

Your influence would only go up.
Your success would only go up.
And your money would blow through the roof!

You see right now in your love life you are half fulfilled. You’re living at your 1/2 potential. Maybe even a 1/4 if we’re honest.

And as the saying goes “how we do one thing is how we do everything” and so its safe to say you’re living the 1/4 potential with your career.... with your money!


Well sugar... you’re in luck cuz today's video covers just that!

How to turn up your arousal in every area of your life, and use that energy to skyrocket your business into the stratosphere!

Check out the video below:

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I hope you enjoyed the video above where I shared how arousal + connection actually means WAY more money in your bank account.
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