Can’t Have Money and Love? The Real Reason You Don’t Have Both & How To Fix It.

Do you secretly believe you can't have money and love? Or do you wonder why you specifically can't have success and love at the same time?
That's exactly what we cover in today's video and post.
"Money and love don’t go together".... at least that’s what your subconscious mind thinks.
Yes, I know that you know, logically it’s a pile of hoohaw...

BUT if you truly believed you could have both, you would. #Facts.
Here’s what it looks like for you:

So you sit to finish up some work at 11pm at night...

But there's that nagging though that just won't go away...

.... your eyes well up, and you think to yourself “I just want love!”

“I know I deserve it right?” You ask yourself...

It feels icky and sad and heavy...

So instead of going there, you quickly shift your thoughts to what’s working and how grateful you are...

“I’m one of the lucky ones, I have so much” you tell yourself.

... “I should be happy” ...

You shove your thoughts of your greatest desire under the rug...

Submerging yourself in work as the perfect distraction, and avoiding looking at that area...

....the area your soul is hungry for the most right now.

That honey bunch is the issue.

Your mind chooses between love & success.

Lol no I don’t have cameras stalking you and no I haven’t stolen your journal.

I’m just the answer to your prayers... your soul’s SOS has been heard.

I’m here to help you get out of this dynamic! That way you can have blazing business and a steamy hot romance too.

I share exactly how you can in today’s video.
Click to watch the video below and let's dive in!
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I hope you enjoyed the video above where I shared how your relationship (or lack thereof) may actually be sabotaging your success and why you haven't reached full potential in your bank account & bedroom too.
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