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How To Enhance Your Feminine Energy | 4 Ways To Increase Femininity

Want To Learn How To Enhance Your Feminine Energy | 4 Ways To Increase Femininity? Keep reading....
So you want To Learn How To Enhance Your Feminine Energy?
Gosh! You know what's funny?

As humans, we spend our whole entire lives chasing happiness, only to find out at the end of it all, this one universal truth...

What we were searching for all along was....


Yes, the true key to:
  • Passion

    ....and yes even ROMANCE
Is something we were born with but somehow didn't even realise it was the secret ingredient all along.

This past year has been a journey for me of RE-discovering this hidden "superpower" and...

I want you to know, that no matter where you are on your journey...

No matter how much money you make, don't make, how much romance you have or don't have...

When you TAP into this juicy and scrumptious place within yourself - your bliss is INSTANT!

I found myself doing way more meaningful work...

I found myself making 4X my regular income while working 1/10th of the time...

I found my self, 
turned on by LIFE 

I found myself losing sleep because of how excited I was...

I found myself 
saying no to what other people though and embodying ALL of me...

I found myself getting off client calls and just being in tears because of how GRATEFUL I was to be doing such divine transformational work!

I stopped looking at everyone else, and how they did it....

I stopped watching the shallow validations like how many likes or comments or shares something got and ended up creating even more meaningful connections than I could have imagined without even trying...

Best of all I started to trust myself above all else.

And no it didn't take some near-death experience or loss or tragic illness to experience this euphoric ah-ha life-changing revelation!

Because most times we sleep until we get shocked by some life incident.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is this

You deserve LOVE

You deserve abundance

You deserve a mission that gets you leaping out of bed

You deserve intimacy and connection

You deserve freedom

For me, I had to stop searching outside of myself for it. 

I had to stop relying on my man to give it to me.

I had to stop wishing my sister or biz besties would fill that void. 

I had to stop trusting every guru outside of myself and finally TRUST THE DIVINE FEMININE WITHIN ME. 

It's your turn.

The other day I did a post sharing exactly how you can Heal Your Feminine Energy and why I actually repressed some of mine.

And today we are going to dive even deeper into this topic because I think its time you not just heal... but ENHANCE YOUR FEMININE ENERGY.

In this my latest video I share the 4 practices that helped me...

Go from living a life that looked good on the outside while I was secretly dying inside...

To actually living a life of true bliss and passion inside and out - for real!
Check out the NEW video below, that goes in depth into the 4 steps.
You can also watch the video directly on our youtube channel HERE. Just be sure to subscribe, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment with which of the 4 steps you're going to start doing.
But I digress....
You see, the transformation doesn't need some crazy trauma 🙂 , you can start now my darling.

Lots of love

P.S. Yesterday I received a message from one of my clients that she has since book 10 spaces in her live event and she had 0 before - and guess what???

I didn't talk to her about any marketing or strategy or funnels.

In fact we did this same feminine healing work. That's how powerful this work is. 

She has also since then found a new man too who respects her is treating her like the Goddess and Queen she really is!

You see you're smart. If you want to sell something you can figure it out.

But if you don't have this feminine power, fully activated, you will not have the success!

Or if you do hit success, you'll be so in your masculine... 
Feel so stuck and boxed in, exhausted, uninspired, going with the flow (or worst burnt out- helloooo that was me).

That at the end of the day - you'll simply be miserable and always questioning if you're good enough.

God gave you feminine aspects and masculine aspects.

To be a whole highly functioning human, you need to have them balanced.

If you are ready to have success and reawaken your feminine power and divine nature to create the life, impact and joy you want, then you can apply for mentorship with me today.

This is not your typical coaching program, if you feel this resonates with you, apply now. Chances are it's time you took the leap and tried something different. 
I hope you enjoyed the video above where I shared how you can enhance your feminine energy using 4 simple and easy steps.
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