Fearless & Free Makeover Session
with Shaneil
I only accept clients who are done playing small, done living less than their TRUTH and who are ready to put in the work NOW, get the support they crave & create the epic results and live the extraordinary lives they are meant for.
Testimonials and what others have to say about Shaneil...

"If you don't hit your goals, or you are slacking off, trust me she will kick your butt and I love that about her"
  - Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo 
Brilliant Leadership International
"I doubled last year's income in the 1st half of the year"
Watch her video testimonial
She 2X'd her income and made ALL of last year's income in just a few months working together......
Watch her video testimonial
It's amazing what can be changed in only 5 days! 
"You believed in me and didn't give me the choice of letting go. Thank you so much!"
Shaneil challenged me (in a loving way)
to stop being the best-kept secret...
"I'm attracting the right people for my program and living my purpose!" 
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