How Your Relationship (Or LACK thereof ) Is Sabotaging Your Success

Did you know that you not having the relationship & passion you crave....

.... is DIRECTLY the cause of why you don't have the ultra success and those secret goals you haven't even told anyone about yet?
Well that's exactly what we cover in today's Video. 
We talk about sex energy, creativity and how legacies and empires are born when sexual energy is used efficiently.
We talk about how YOUR secret desires and goals are sabotaged when you suppress  that side of yourself or when you don't have full expression in your romantic relationships.
I also cover how using solely masculine structures and ignoring this feminine power of sensuality and sexual expression (whether you're male or female)...
...actually causes us to crash and burn and never get to our TRUEST deepest desires and goals.
Click to watch the video below and let's dive in!
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I hope you enjoyed the video above where I shared how your relationship (or lack thereof) may actually be sabotaging your success and why you haven't reached full potential in your bank account & bedroom too.
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