Secret Shame Many Entrepreneurs & Influencers Feel

When people look up to us and we have an audience, even if it’s tiny in relation to someone else...

....we can feel immense pressure to show up at ALL times as if we are perfect or always have our ish together.

The thing is when we are aligned in biz and our lives are filled with passion... showing up authentically is SUPER easy

...but when we secretly battle behind the scenes...

It can be a HUGE problem...

And we become filled with so much shame and guilt because we “should” have it together.

And yes I know we overachievers hate to admit we have shame and guilt and fear...

So let me explain how it shows up for you:

Shame and guilt for not being where we want to be

Shame and guilt when things don’t work the way we planned or when things fail

Shame and guilt when biz or love life doesn’t light us up as much anymore..

And yes shame and guilt when we know we are being called to higher, greater, deeper, more powerful work but are afraid to leap

Maybe it’s fear of what people will think if you really say what you want and what you mean...

*** Will the clients leave

*** Will your friends and family judge you

*** Will your audience be disappointed

Maybe it’s fear of not being "ready" or "good enough.. yet".

...thinking you need more degrees

...more training

...more accolades

...a new photo shoot or website

...a new team

Or “just let me do this 1 thing and make some money first and THEN I'll think about leaping”.

That’s exactly what I cover in today’s Video! Check out the video below:
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Today we shed light on a hidden topic and talk about shame in the online biz world

You see, it doesn’t actually have to be that way. We got that way by watching gurus and mentors who didn’t know better.

And this is not to bash them, but instead to have compassion for them because the fact is they are unhappy too.

If you observe just a little bit closer and take off the rose coloured glasses, you’ll see it clear as day.

We took their words as gospel and we got burnt out and emotionally exhausted from keeping up that facade!

It’s time we changed that! So it’s time to let go of the shame.

It’s the same kind of shame we felt during puberty as our bodies began to change and evolve.

Let go of the shame, this is literally just your soul’s puberty.... a natural progression in the expansion of your soul.

Watch Today’s Video ​Above.

You don’t need to feel bad anymore about secretly being lost on the inside while looking all successful on the outside.

Let’s just fix it so you don’t have to pretend.

When you ditch the shame and say a big ol F You to a business and life less than your FULL potential...

...that’s when you make a truck ton of money and change a gazillion lives being the unapologetic you.

Watch the video NOW.


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I hope you enjoyed the video above where I shared the secret shame many entrepreneurs and influencers feel when they aren't truly happy.
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