How To Ditch Burnout Forever Without Sacrificing Your Success...

Even If You Built Your Whole Brand & Biz Using Burnout…

Hurry! Take action now & finally free yourself from burnout for good

for a ONE-TIME Payment of just $777

This Message Is Especially Important For All Entrepreneurs & Influencers Who Are Exhausted By All The Burnout...

Stop trying to solve your burnout with industry band-aids, I have an important message for you about how you can banish burnout forever without sacrificing your success.

The fact is you’re burnt out AF

And somehow it seems like in your industry, it’s normal to just be burnt out and accept it… see the top gurus with bags under their eyes preaching 16 hour work days to you.

You've been told...

...if you want to be successful you’ve gotta, hustle, grind, sacrifice your sanity & not have a life.

You've been told...

...if you're tired, get some sleep, bio-hack, drink some magic potion and you’ll be good.

you've been told... delegate and automate. Just hire everything out, automate as much as possible.

You've tried it all but you're STILL burnt out!

Why is that?

Because those are all band aids!

They appear to fix the symptom for a while...

But they don’t actually get to the root of why you are TRULY burnt out.

But it’s not your fault

You see I had to figure all of that out the hard way.

I'm Shaneil, #1 Best Selling Author, and Intuitive Reinvention Strategist to some of the worlds top entrepreneurs & influencers...

...and back in 2017 that is exactly where I was too. 

I was burnt out, ready for a vacation from my business and I knew something needed to change.

In fact... I had known for a while but I was too afraid to do anything about it.

I was simply... afraid.

I was afraid of failing, and falling flat on my face if I stopped hustling or working so hard... how else could I maintain my success?!


​I was afraid I would disappoint my clients and followers, and maybe even lose them forever. Everything I had built would have been ruined.


​I was afraid of my business crashing and burning and me disappointing my team and my family.


I was afraid of the shame and the guilt and embarrassment if people found out how I really felt or what I was going through.

And even though in my heart and gut I knew I needed to make a change, the fact is I didn’t even know what to do about it, or how to fix it.

And so I had to put on a brave face...

...and maybe that’s where you are right now.

Introducing: The Ultimate Burnout Cure For Entrepreneurs & Influencers

A powerful bundle that eliminates burnout, resolves it at its cure and future proofs you so burnout never returns!

Hurry! Take action now & finally free yourself from burnout for good

for a ONE-TIME Payment of just $777

In The Ultimate Burnout Cure You'll Learn How To:

Literally overcome burnout within 24 hours so you start feeling free NOW! Yes, say #ByeFelicia to burnout in 1 day

Finally stop creating a life/business that makes you feel like you need to take a long 2 month vacation from it

​Pinpoint the exact reason and root cause for your burnout so you can finally stop wondering what’s wrong with you

You'll Also Learn To:

  • Ditch feeling guilty for wanting a change and actually feel empowered and happy instead
  • Understand the difference between misalignment and resistance so you can unapologetically own your truth and forget dragging yourself out of bed or feeling unmotivated ever again
  • Say no to “eating s**t” and not having a life just because some guru said that… instead create a life where you get to be successful AND happy, instead of successful and secretly sad
  • Say Bye to sacrificing your soul or having to choose between success and happiness…. You get to have both!
  • Let go of all the people pleasing and fear you’ll disappoint others, instead you get to live a life that makes you truly happy and fulfilled

You'll Even Learn To:

​Become the version of you who actually gets what you want without the struggle or hustle

Activate ease & boost your bliss in just minutes so you create success without losing your soul

Cure your primary causes of burnout at the root so you eliminate them for good #ByeByeBurnout

You'll Also Learn To:

  • ​Stop holding back on your desires and goals because you worry that you’re gonna get burnt out and instead learn another way to do things)
  • ​Equip yourself with resources and tools so you are always prepared and never have to hold yourself back again because of fear of burning out #FreeForever
  • Awaken your intuitive powers within seconds so you can tap into quicker, more joyful and more miraculous ways of getting what you want so that success for you doesn’t have to require struggle anymore

What’s Inside The Ultimate Burnout Cure?

When you enrol in The Ultimate Burnout Cure You Get:


The 24hr Burnout Detox (Value $197)

This is the burnout Quick Fix, to literally help you overcome your current state of burnout in 24hrs or less. You can draw for this resource whenever you’re in a pinch and need to ditch the burnout ASAP! It will change your entire life.

Simply put, there is a version of you who doesn’t even have the word “burnout” in their vocabulary! It’s like a 10.0 upgraded version of you. This collection of trainings will help you to pinpoint what that version of you truly looks like so you can literally create that version of you in the 3D within hours. Let’s say bye bye burnout and let the makeover begin!


The Banish Burnout Masterclass (Value $297)

Every person has specific core triggers for their burnout behaviour. And just taking some days off is not the solution. In the antidote masterclass we get to the core and the cure for your specific burnout as well as remedy any future possibilities of burning out.

The truth is, burnout is just a symptom of a bigger problem. It’s the fruit which manifests itself from a deeper root problem. This masterclass helps you get to the core of your burnout so we can cure your burnout ;). This is also the secret process I take my highest level clients through that gives them instant shifts, this is worth $1000s.


Super Bonus: Post Burnout Recovery Bundle For Accessing Intuition, Freedom & Ease (Value $197)

“What if I get burnt out again?”.. That my friend is 1 of the biggest fears once you’ve overcome burnout, and it’s normal because burnout can be traumatic to the psyche. The Post Burnout Recovery Bundle makes sure you are equipped to never face burnout again! It helps you to activate intuition and ease as your new way of life. That way you can create your future goals and desires without struggle and instead with bliss and ease. Oh yeah and without holding back or playing small because of fear of burning out again.


Burnout Detoxing Playbook with Swipe Files To Kick Burnout To The Curb (Value $197)

This playbook is absolutely golden! It helps you literally step by step walk yourself through the 24hr Burnout Detox Process and actually gives you swipe files to help make sure self sabotage and fear has no chance of stopping you! This tool alone is worth more than the value of this entire program.


#SquadAccess via our Facebook Group Where You Can Get Q&A Support (Value $222)

A host of bonus demo videos, real world case study examples and supplemental trainings (Value Priceless)

Lifetime access to the program (Value Priceless)

The full price of this program is actually $1111 and I've taught these techniques to clients who've literally invested 10 of 1000s of dollars to work with me.

But as I planned my year at the end of 2019, the mission was clear! I knew I had to go above and beyond and make this offer an absolute no brainer because I knew so many souls needed this.

That means when you Enrol TODAY You Get lifetime access to the Cure as well as Over 30% Off!

It's Time To Ditch Burnout Forever Without Sacrificing Your Success...

Even If You Built Your Whole Brand & Biz Using Burnout…

Hurry! Take action now & finally free yourself from burnout for good

for a ONE-TIME Payment of just $777




100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Ultimate Burnout Cure within 3 days, we will give you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 3 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Ultimate Burnout Cure and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.


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